Rohit earned HTC (refurbished) smartphone

Diginabled - Rohit earned HTC (refurbished) smartphone White Enterprises has taken an initiative to make this planet digitally enabled. In the previous blogpost, Brother Dinesh earned a Nokia phone with White Enterprises. Helping out Dinesh was a good deed but enabling Rohit to earn using his new smartphone will come under the project "Diginabled". Diginabled stands for digitally enabled society. A society where people are able to earn money by using their electronic devices. White Enterprises helps out people to do so. It feels good to work as a Data Analyst in an organization that is improvising day by day. Few days back Dinesh was helped and now Rohit. I expect a laptop to be given by our organization as well.

Rohit has earned an HTC One from with us. A smartphone opens many opportunities if utilised properly.

Since the smartphone is a refurbished one it also intiates the process of reducing the e-waste volume.

After working hard, Rohit can take of his educatio…

Dinesh has earned a Nokia 105 Black - Review, Unboxing and Hands On

White Enterprises is taking a step ahead at making India a digitally enabled country. They have a goal of making everyone digitally enabled in all the continents.  They are deliberate about it. They are taking actions as well. One of the recent news was - A man named Dinesh was being helped with his cell phone issue. He earned a $14.99 USD mobile phone of Nokia Brand.

By doing so, He will be able to connect with his family on a daily basis. He can assure them that he is doing fine. A similar handset can be given to his wife. Similarly, their children can be given another hand set. It can be used to connect all of them no matter the demographic distance.

Dinesh has earned his handset. It just means he will be connecting more people with the organization with the handset 
The efforts from White Enterprises ( to stabilize the living conditions of the poor people are indeed working to create a better space to live in. It feels great to be part of an organization which …