Rohit earned HTC (refurbished) smartphone

Diginabled - Rohit earned HTC (refurbished) smartphone 

White Enterprises has taken an initiative to make this planet digitally enabled. In the previous blogpost, Brother Dinesh earned a Nokia phone with White Enterprises. Helping out Dinesh was a good deed but enabling Rohit to earn using his new smartphone will come under the project "Diginabled". Diginabled stands for digitally enabled society. A society where people are able to earn money by using their electronic devices. White Enterprises helps out people to do so.
It feels good to work as a Data Analyst in an organization that is improvising day by day. Few days back Dinesh was helped and now Rohit. I expect a laptop to be given by our organization as well.

Rohit has earned an HTC One from with us. A smartphone opens many opportunities if utilised properly.

Since the smartphone is a refurbished one it also intiates the process of reducing the e-waste volume.

After working hard, Rohit can take of his education , family and fufill his dreams.

If you are seeing this and you require a certain type of help;
please connect with them on Whatsapp Business: +918248521844

You can contribute anywhere from Rs 10/- to support the cause. 

Google Pay: +918447614311 
Paytm: +918447614311 
MobiKwik: +918447614311 

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